Solutions for Hiring in a Pandemic

Social Intelligence is proud to meet all your screening needs with credible, alternative data sources in these extraordinary times.

Why Use Social Media Screening Now?

In the past few weeks, hiring managers have had to dramatically adjust their hiring practices in order to accommodate remote work as well as changes in the availability of hiring resources. Fortunately, there may be some alternative data sources available that may help companies make informed hiring decisions, even in the midst of a pandemic.

An alternative data source.

Reports that function as a credible data source to supplement traditional background screening searches.

In these unprecedented times, we're here to ensure the integrity of your screening process when traditional processes may be experiencing delays.



Social Media Screening Helps Companies Hire With Confidence

With many courts being closed or significantly impacted for the foreseeable future, hiring managers may be having a difficult time completing their traditional background screening workflow.

For companies surge-hiring during a crisis, having no reliable background check can pose a considerable risk. Luckily, social media screening has been a credible alternative source of data for the past decade that can both complement a company’s pre-existing background screening workflow. Screening publicly available online information can provide employers with a behavioral report that both eases some of the risk of hiring without a credible data source and helps mitigate brand risk down the road.


Holistic screening solutions you can implement now.

Social media screening is an easily-adoptable tool to complement a traditional criminal search.

Come Out of Crisis Ahead of the Game

Holistic screening is an emerging approach to background checks that companies have already been working with at scale. During the current crisis, this strategies may become useful to a broader range of industries.

Building a holistic screening approach could help fill the gaps in data as well as paint a fuller picture of a candidate--which is important now more than ever in the absence of normal working conditions.

This kind of approach involves examining not just a criminal report but social behavior as a countercheck. Plenty of problematic or unacceptable behaviors go undetected by criminal background searches but can still be considered business-related behavior as it relates to the health and productivity of other employees. Utilizing social media screening acts like a sort of two-factor authentication system that helps HR managers catch and weigh intolerant behavior that may be in violation of company values against a traditional background report.

Why Adapt Now?

By slipping in an easily-adoptable report into the workflow, businesses have the opportunity to both create a simple workaround for their background screening delays and create a complementary system that can flow seamlessly for when screening processes adjust back to "normal".

Using this time of forced-adaptation efficiently may just slingshot businesses into a sustainable, cutting edge strategy for effective hiring.


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