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5 Ways to Amplify Company Culture Through Better Screening Practices

Great workplace culture starts with great people. Learn how modern screening practices can help you identify forward-thinking candidates and shape the future of your business.

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How HR Can Prepare for Fall Hiring Season

The traditional ways of hiring have to change. Combine these fall hiring tips with a healthy dose of colder weather, and you've got the perfect recipe for a successful recruiting season.

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The CRA's Guide to Social Media Screening

Want to provide social media screening for your end users? This definitive guide is written with CRAs in mind and answers all of your questions about implementing social screening for your clients.

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Welcome to our complete collection of social media screening resources. From whitepapers to webinars, infographics to guides, we've got everything you need to be confident about your pre-hire screening strategy. Check in often, we update our library with new content every other week!
7 Ways Social Media Screening Saves Time and Money

7 Ways Social Media Screening Saves Time and Money

In a world of ever-growing automation, pressure to operate more efficiently leaves many HR and recruiting teams looking for tools to help them cut costs.

Social Media Screening for Law Enforcement

An effective precinct is built on trust. Improve community relations and mitigate risk with social media screening.

What Every Employer Needs to Know About Social Media Background Checks

How do you implement social media screening into your pre-hire strategy? Can you maintain FCRA and EEOC Compliance? These and other popular FAQs answered.
3 Ways Social Media Screening is Essential for the Financial Industry

3 Ways Social Media Screening is Essential for the Financial Industry

In an industry built on trust, financial companies rely on more modern screening methods to safeguard their reputation
3 Ways Social Media Screening Helps Healthcare Employers Avoid Risk

3 Ways Social Media Screening Helps Healthcare Employers Avoid Risk

Social media in hospitals comes with big risks. Mitigate potential threats to your reputation and security.
WorkTrends Podcast

#WorkTrends Podcast

You can learn a lot about job candidates by their social media profiles and posts. But how do you accurately and fairly screen applicants, at scale? What’s legal, and what’s appropriate when it comes to social media screening?
The Definitive Guide to Social Media Screening

The Definitive Guide to Social Media Screening

Most companies have used the same pre-hire practices for decades. Learn how you can bring your team into the digital age with accurate, efficient, and safe social media screening practices.
Social Media Screening for Educators

Guide: Social Media Background Screening for Educators

Parents and students alike need to know that their future is in the right hands, which means you need to know what kind of hands you’re hiring.
What to Know Before you Google: Webinar

Webinar: What to Know Before You Google

If you can follow the right steps, you can use social media information to drastically reduce your risk of negligence or problematic hiring.
Social Media Screening and Criminal Background Checks

Social Media Screening and Criminal Background Checks

An employee's misbehavior on social media can be as risky to your business as those with a criminal history. Combine old screening methods with new for a comprehensive pre-hire strategy.
Case Study Finance

Case Study: Financial Services

Reputation means everything to the finance industry. Find out how one organization successfully mitigated discrimination lawsuits by taking preventative measures.
Case Study Healthcare

Case Study: Healthcare

Find out how a large healthcare network drastically reduced their turnover and improved workplace culture.
Case Study Entertainment

Case Study: Entertainment Industry

Find out how a major media conglomerate successfully improved a negative public image by implementing a social media policy that included screening measures for employees.
Case Study Retail

Case Study: Retail Industry

Find out how a major retailer improved workplace safety by taking precautionary measures against workplace violence and threats.
management consulting

Case Study: Management Consulting Firm

A management consulting company concerned about preserving their reputation was looking to put measures in place to reinforce their standards of professionalism. Find out how they cleaned up their online reputation by applying the Social Intelligence Report
university system

Case Study: University System

After weathering a costly controversy involving accusations of racism on campus, a prestigious University turned to Social Intel to implement preventative measures.
legal services

Case Study: Legal Services

A regionally-recognized law firm wanted to implement preventative measures to both improve workplace culture and safeguard against PR disaster. Learn how they were able to innovate their background screening workflow to be at the forefront of modern hiring.
medical exam company

Case Study: Medical Examination Company

Find out how a medical examination company dramatically improved their workplace culture and turnover rates by screening for problematic workplace behavior.
Agricultural manufacturing

Case Study: Agricultural Manufacturing

A significant agricultural manufacturing company had a long history of inside threats and politically motivated sabotage. Learn how they reduced their risk of sabotage by screening for problematic workplace behavior.

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